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USS ELYSIUM – November 2021

USS ELYSIUM – November 2021

Sim Updates

Not much to update this month, as we move towards the end of the year and Christmas. Our Holiday policy goes into effect on the 13.12.21! Bring on Christmas!

Crew Updates

Exciting Opportunity!

Super Garrett has his own fan club, run by Lieutenant JG Redal, which you can join for 1 piece of Gold Pressed Latinum a month and you get you get a monthly Super Garrett Support Package!! For further details Contact Lieutenant JG Redal on the Elysium and Support CAPTAIN GARRETT LOVEJOY! - They even have their own club house on our discord.

New Players

Lieutenant JG Rael - Counselor

This player has jumped into our storyline with eagerness and has been a wonderful addition to our crew.


The Following Chief role is open:

Chief Diplomatic Officer: Rank Lieutenant

Fighting Tigers - The 45th Tactical Wing - Group Commander: Rank: Major

The Following Assistant Chief roles are open:

Assistant Chief of Flight Control: Rank Ensign

Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer: Rank Lieutenant JG

Marine Executive Officer: Rank 1st Lieutenant

Wing Commander: Rank Marine-Captain

Crew Awards

2 Years’ Time Served

Lieutenant Olivia (Carter) Voight Assistant Chief Medical Officer

1 Years’ Time Served

Lieutenant Baeryn Whavi Chief Operations Officer

Lieutenant JG Damien Blackford Security Officer

Highest Poster of the Month

Corporal David Tonelly is awarded the Highest poster of the Month! - November 2021

Lieutenant JG Myne Redal is awarded: The Kramer Comedy Award - I've read a few posts from Myne and participated in a few, she's definitely a character! I'm sure she's probably gotten this award before but hey-the more the merrier, eh?

Lieutenant JG Myne Redal is awarded: Collaborative Post Excellence - Continues to provide a dynamic and surprising relationship with Rin that allows both characters to grow.

Captain Phoenix Lalor Is awarded – the Rose Award - Watching her grow, it is quite clear, and without any falsehoods, that she truly loves Mattias to her core. Though Malakai may have thought they were an odd-pairing, there is no doubt in my mind that she loves Mattias Richardson lock, stock and barrel.

Commander Gary Taylor is awarded: Collaborative Post Excellence - So many JP's with different characters prove this writer has what it takes to move a story along, this is why I am giving him this small reward. He's worked hard for it, so please enjoy it. Commander Lia Taylor Chief Security/Tactical Officer aka Ayesha

Commander Gary Taylor is awarded: Non Player Character Award - I really, really enjoy Savar! He's a great character and both myself and Rael find the divergence from strict emotional repression very refreshing.

Lieutenant Rin is awarded: Commendation for Mission Participation - I have noticed this writers name pop up in so many JP's, I have began to loose count. This writer has thrown themselves into the plot line in different ways, and so I feel they deserve a reward for the hard work they have put out

Lieutenant Rin is awarded: Collaborative Post Excellence - Each JP I write with her is simply amazing. Her character has so much creativity that she makes writing together wonderfully easy and natural. Rin is a joy to bounce stories off of and they all end up being sweet and a delight to read.

Corporal David Tonelly is awarded: Commendation for Mission Participation - Yet another writer who has worked his socks off on this mission, and so in my small way I say well done. He has many characters, who get up to all sorts and seem to fit in just right. Commander Lia Taylor Chief Security/Tactical Officer aka Ayesha

Lieutenant JG Rael is awarded: Meritorious Newcomer Award - Though I have only written one jp with this character, I was blown away by the dedication the writer gave to the subject matter. I am looking forward to much more in the future! - Rael has jumped right into the sim, providing multiple and meaningful introductory posts with a variety of characters.

Lieutenant JG Rael is awarded: Solace Ribbon - For a wonderful introduction between himself and Rin, laying the foundation for future meaningful counseling posts.

Commander Sthilg is awarded: Good Conduct Medal - For his professional and compassionate handing of crewmember medical issues, in particular our JP! I look forward to reading more from Sthilg who is obviously a very developed and unique character aboard.

Arrianna Salannis an Vantar is awarded: Outstanding Side Plot - Her idea of doing the -What If?- side plots has been very interesting. I am curious as to where they will go.

Story Elements

Our current Mission:

is moving along, with yet another new CO after the death of Captain Yasmin Carrington. The crew are chasing the ghosts of the past, and our CMO is in the thick of it.

Sub-mission: Darkness Rising - Phoenix and her ragtag bunch have been joined by Arrianna Salannis an Vantar, rescued her from a fate worse than death and now are on the run from a man they thought they had handled. Opps..

Other Information

Post Count per player: 12.58
Player on ELOA- 1
Total crew 22



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