USS Hiroshima – Aug – 20

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USS Hiroshima – Aug – 20

Sim Updates

Some site tweaks for players' access to certain aspects of the site and to reflect the Hiro's switch to TF47.

Crew Updates

A player who's been on ELOA is on the cusp of returning under a new guise.

Story Elements

Foundation’s Shadows: The Foundation's operatives on SB157 are on the run, but the question remains - who's really chasing who?

Other Information

It made sense. But it was far beyond their capacity manpower wise. Still, they needed to do it and she had an idea of how to do so. But where to get the personnel was a different story. A comm system came alive and Bridget looked up, "We're getting a signal from our security team. Captain Yearling's staying with the team. Darney and McWest with an injured Commander Elin. They're to be isolated with a security detail and only tested Medical personnel are to be admitted."

There were more questions in all of that than Merin even wanted to ponder. Two rose to the surface; why was the captain staying over there rather than returning to his duty? Yearling wasn't trained in security nor was there anything that would warrant his staying there over his command duty. The second was what bloody test are they talking about? Merin looked around the bridge. The red glow of the red alert lights tinted everything. Her world had become bathed in something. It distorted and changed the color of all that she viewed and thought.

"Alright Commander. We'll do our best," she said evenly. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of actions I must take and a very short window in which to implement everything."

- Lt. Cmdr. Merin Mez



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