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USS Hiroshima – Aug – 21

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USS Hiroshima – Aug – 21

Sim Updates

Our new mission, House of Pain, has commenced and we're beginning a new website build.

Crew Updates

All crew running on the latest updates. Don't ask how we hook them up to the computer.

Story Elements

House of Pain: With the events, if not the consequences, of SB157 left behind, the Hiroshima has moved to Rokar, a world at the centre of a volatile squabble between minor Klingon Houses, to officiate and adjudicate on that most noble of peacemaking mechanisms - competitive sports.

Other Information

It was quiet in the 'Bay. She wouldn't say "too" quiet, because that was the invitation for the storm to hit. Even a first-year med student knew to never question the quiet times. At least not out loud. But it was. The hum of the ship smoothly kicking into slipstream and the transition of the stars into a soothing blue glow outside the windows seemed to emphasize Sickbay's current emptiness. She walked past each biobed, quietly powering them down. Yes, against protocol. She still couldn't see the point of having unused equipment up and wasting energy all day long, especially when they'd boot up in readiness in milliseconds. The night crew had arrived moments ago. She gave them a nod and headed out. Barring anything unexpected, she'd be back first thing in the morning or when they'd arrived at Rokar, whichever came first.

- Lt. Cmdr. Adrianna Darney



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