USS Hiroshima – Dec – 20

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USS Hiroshima – Dec – 20

Sim Updates

Christmas and new year's went off without a hitch. Granted, that last is a pre-emptive green light, but 2021 is looking okay from 2020. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Crew Updates

Award nominations are being compiled after our most recent mission.

Story Elements

Intermission: The Foundation's been thrown out of SB157, but there are still questions to be answered, and the Hiroshima lies at the heart of them.

Other Information

He closed the feed and thought. He'd needed Briar to remain isolated in medbay 3 because he couldn't let her tell everyone what he'd done, but the neurological damage he'd inflicted had rendered that concern moot even then. He had no reason now to keep her locked away.
But Capt. Evan Yearling did.

- Capt. Evan Yearling



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