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USS Hiroshima – Dec – 21

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USS Hiroshima – Dec – 21

Sim Updates

The mission continues, albeit with some developments. The red herring of the Cardassians is being turned into an even bigger, but equally misleading, fishing. The Klingons are giving peace a chance, mind. It's a Christmas miracle.

Crew Updates

Nopety nope no nope.

Story Elements

As mentioned, we're bringing the Cardassians further into the equation.

Other Information

Shifting her attention to the console, she secured cooling flow to the impulse manifolds, a racing technique that was unfortunately frowned upon by Starfleet. "Track of-four-two, designated Senko, lifting hot for diplo ferry. Clear outbound, request 'go'."

"Senko, you are cleared for departure, normal-" The voice silenced in irritation, as the shuttle hadn't even waited for her to finish.

Dumping the overheated plasma through the impulse system while she puffed the lift thrusters caused the Senko to leap to full impulse as fast as the vessel possibly could, straining inertial dampening and structural integrity.

- LTJG Genevieve Hanmore, CFCO



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