USS Hiroshima – Jan – 20

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USS Hiroshima – Jan – 20

Sim Updates

The least uppiest updates are always the easiest in forthcoming, for what is a report save an opportunity to elaborate on the status quo and tiny, tiny variations in same, of which there were none this month?

Crew Updates

I'm still badgering the same cohort of excellent writers I have been for nigh on a decade now. And by "badgering", I mean not badgering at all. They don't need to be badgered. Or squirrelled. Or wombated.

Story Elements

Foundation's Shadows: The Hiroshima's senior crew, wary of friend and stranger alike, pursue signs of treachery aboard SB157.

Other Information

The new year's been understandably quiet, what with the usual downtime and some LOAs.



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