USS Hiroshima – Jul – 20

USS Hiroshima – Jul – 20

Sim Updates

No updates. No side dates either. There were some calendar dates, though. 31 of them, in fact, so ... that's a thing.

Crew Updates

Holding strong with the same group of players who've been simming together on and off (mostly on) for as much as 16 years now. Some of us have actually been simming together non-stop for just shy of 19 years, now that I think about it. Are we married now?

Story Elements

Foundation's Shadows: When it's revealed that the Foundation's reach extends further than expected, can anyone be trusted now?

Other Information

Adrianna's mind was racing, still trying to process the pieces of the puzzle that McWest had provided. She doubted his "contacts" had actually been Section 31. The timing was too coincidental. If they were linked to whatever mind-controlling faction was responsible for all this cloak-and-dagger business on board the Hiro, it would explain a lot.

What had Da gotten himself mixed up in? It was very unlike him to get involved in anything not above-board. Shaking her head, she realized. It was her fault. He must have been investigating her disappearance and had gotten too close to something. Maybe he'd discovered something about the Delta Quadrant aliens that had kidnapped them, something that they'd since covered back up.

- Lt. Commander Adriana Darney



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