USS Hiroshima – May – 21

USS Hiroshima – May – 21

Sim Updates

We're closing out our intermission and will be setting off for our next mission to a troublesome corner of the Klingon Empire in June.

Crew Updates

Awards: Everyone got awards this month. Quite a few of them were outstanding awards that I should've attached to crew pages a while back, with the remainder arising from our last mission, Foundation's Shadows.

Story Elements

Intermission: The Hiro has received its marching orders. With this stage of the investigation coming to a close, the ship's been given a new mission - act as neutral ground and adjudicator in a series of contests to settle a dispute in the Klingon Empire.

Other Information

Statistics? Pfft. I, and a large percentage of the people I know, scoff at your statistics.



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