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USS Hiroshima – Nov – 21

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USS Hiroshima – Nov – 21

Sim Updates

Work continues apace on the new site. No majors have been going on. No colonels, generals or non-naval captains have been either.

Crew Updates

There may be a few awards in the works, but that'd be telling.

Story Elements

House of Pain: The House of Gorok and the House of K'mlar, once allies in the Klingon Empire, are now embroiled in a feud over the world of Rokar, and the Hiroshima is called in to officiate and moderate the final stage of the Federation-orchestrated peace process to resolve the dispute - pan-sectoral games. Unfortunately, there are those who see the tensions and the games as an opportunity to make a quick buck ... and sow dissent.

Other Information

"What time did you take your last pain treatment?"

Meryn drew a blank. She took it at the same time, each morning, but... "I... Today," she answered, having lost the specifics of the question, and not remembering the answer anyway.

"0730," Neil stated, squeezing Meryn's hand encouragingly. "It would be in the replicator files, but we generally have the timer set for around then, give or take five minutes."

"Right, so that was just shy of 4 hours ago." The dosage was supposed to last six before starting to wear off; for Meryn to be in this state at almost half that time was highly disconcerting.

- Vanya, Meryn and Graves (NPCed by al Khalid and Hanmore)



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