USS Hiroshima – Oct – 20

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USS Hiroshima – Oct – 20

Sim Updates

With all but one last nail to be driven home, we're just about done with our mission. I'm not familiar with this Major Goings-on. Any relation to Major Updates?

Crew Updates

No outgoings and no incomings. Except IC, where there was a lot of weapons fire incoming.

Story Elements

Foundation’s Shadows: The Foundation's operatives on SB157 have been killed in their attempt to escape, but there are enemies closer to home.

Other Information

Jenny didn’t wait for an order. If Engineering said full, then she should be able to go to full without delay. If they failed, that was their problem, and not hers. Not that her spiteful thoughts affected the outcome at all, as the ship gave a lurch and then worked to overcome momentum. Inertial compensators and the space-time compensator coils, both overtaxed and somewhat deteriorated by damage, were not working so well, making the ship’s acceleration more like that of an Ambassador-class clunker than anything else…

- Lt. (JG) Jenny Hanmore



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