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USS Hiroshima – Oct – 21

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USS Hiroshima – Oct – 21

Sim Updates

We're switching to a new hosting service as I write this, which has stalled our work on a new site. That'll resume once everything's migrated over.

We were very happy to have been awarded the Silver UoM for September by TF72, so thanks to the bigwigs for recognising our ridiculous greatness once again.

Crew Updates

All crew are dated - neither up nor down, merely dated. No goings in or goings out.

Story Elements

House of Pain: The Klingons are at it again, and their consequential blind eye-turning to nefarious goings on has led to the Federation being drawn in. The Hiroshima is on site to mediate the final stage of a peace process that may revolve around athletes not pulling their hamstrings during the warm-ups.

Other Information

Evan responded with a smile as the House of Gorok warriors left, forcing bystanders aside by force of presence almost as much as force of arms. “I think they’re just nervous about the party.”


“Yeah. You know - meeting new people, awkward conversations, no bloodshed, worried about what they’re wearing and what to do with their hands. That kind of thing.”

She couldn’t help but laugh.

Caught off guard by a happy sound that brought back memories of less complicated times, Evan looked around to see Briar smiling. Then he saw her food trampled on the ground. He picked up his own and offered it to her. “To fine dining,” he said.

Nerves assuaged, Briar accepted the offer, “And finer diplomacy.”

- Capt. Evan Yearling and Lt. Cmdr. Briar Elin



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