USS Hiroshima – Sep-19

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USS Hiroshima – Sep-19

Sim Updates

Nothing here bar some tweaks to the crew and spec pages as well as some server stuff, and I'll be making another belated addition to one of those over the next day or so.

Crew Updates

You know, if I believed in reincarnation as opposed to the giant bloodshot eye that is the God of Overbearing Workloads, then I'd say that no one was new, strictly speaking. It'd also be the truth.

Story Elements

Foundation's Shadows: With an infiltration of Starfleet suspected, the Hiroshima's been tasked with following a trail that led all the way from a mysterious planet in the Delta Quadrant to Starbase 157. And I swear, the name's not a makeup reference.

Other Information

A good bit of character work mixed with a secretive mission briefing involving all but one of the crew - the character hasn't come aboard yet - made September one of our better months, and all thanks to the creative work of the players.



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