USS Hiroshima – Sep – 20

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USS Hiroshima – Sep – 20

Sim Updates

We're closing out our most recent mission, which is bringing to a conclusion the second act in our overarching Foundation storyline.

Crew Updates

We've been joined by Lt. (JG) Shron Ezlam, our new Chief of Security.

Story Elements

Foundation’s Shadows: The Foundation's operatives on SB157 have escaped, but pursuit is hampered by the interference from an unexpected quarter.

Other Information

Shron bolted for the door, barely having enough time to grab his carry-on. Luckily for him he didn’t regret it, because the small shuttlecraft dove into the maintenance bay and nearly broke itself in half and twisted the compartment it laid in. With that he stiffened himself off and helped the shuttlecraft pilot to his feet, “Let’s try to be anywhere but here, this is a deathtrap. With that, they headed out of shuttlebay and into the Hiroshima’s corridors.

- Lt. (JG) Shron Ezlam



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