USS Hiroshima – Sept – 21

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USS Hiroshima – Sept – 21

Sim Updates

Work has commenced on building a new site. I expect to break things in the process. Many, many things.

Crew Updates

We said goodbye to our Chief of Security owing to lack of communication.

Story Elements

House of Pain: Klingons, pirates, smugglers, the odd Cardassian and the even odder freedom fighter, and here we are, stuck in the middle of it, just trying to forget everything that happened during our last mission.

Other Information

Briar folded her hands behind her back and tried to hide her disgust. As a vegetarian, she was going to be hard-pressed to find something to enjoy among Klingon company. "I suppose they would. It seems a much beloved meal. I have to be honest, I don't think I'm going to make much of an impression on that front. If it had been a choice between the orbital jump and eating live serpent worms, I might have actually suited up and climbed on the nacelle myself."

- Lt. Cmdr. Briar Elin



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