USS Imperator – January 2021

USS Imperator – January 2021

Sim Updates

No major updates this time around, the big stuff was done end of December

Crew Updates

Outgoing: N/A
Incoming: Lieutenant Commander Aedele Baril, XO

Story Elements

Imperator has spent the month docked at Starbase Sirius for shoreleave. We are now due to depart for the planet Restnah IV, where Admiral Lancaster is due to help oversee the planet's first democratic election since a narcissistic despot was overthrown more than a decade prior. Of course, nothing could possibly go wrong there.

Other Information

I just wanted to say well done to the entire crew. I make no secret that we were in bad shape a couple of months back but things have really turned around, and that's down to you and a little help from a very helpful old, I mean young, lady :')



Submitted By: lancaster
Posted: January 31, 2021 4:48 pm
Updated: January 31, 2021