USS Imperator – November 2020

USS Imperator – November 2020

Sim Updates

We're concluding Kobayashi Maru and moving into Shore Leave to finish out the year. Christmas is coming. After my Birthday, of course!

Crew Updates


Story Elements

Imperator is ambushed by Klingons while attempting rescue operations to recover the crew of a Romulan vessel. Crippled and barely functional, the crew must face a real Kobayashi Maru as they attempt to survive.

This month, we've got the concluding post roughly 40% done. Honestly, it's been a tough one, I'm not going to go into it too much.

Other Information

We're moving onto shoreleave mostly to accommodate ease of recruitment and because Kobayashi Maru has dragged on long enough.



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Posted: November 30, 2020 6:14 pm
Updated: November 30, 2020