USS Imperator – October 2020

USS Imperator – October 2020

Sim Updates

I was surprised with a nice new skin by our 2XO earlier this week but outside of that, there's no cosmetic updates. I have, however, got started on the JP to finally close out the Kobayashi Maru before we move onto our next mission, Absolute Power

Crew Updates

No new players. We're particularly on the look out for a Chief Security and Tactical Officer, a Chief Medical Officer, a Chief Engineer and a Chief Flight Control Officer

Story Elements

Imperator is ambushed by Klingons while attempting rescue operations to recover the crew of a Romulan vessel. Crippled and barely functional, the crew must face a real Kobayashi Maru as they attempt to survive.

This month, we've fixed the ship a bit, established some motivations and are about to kick some Klingon Butt or die trying.

Other Information

A not at all satisfactory month. I take full ownership of this, I wasn't in a good headspace for a chunk of the month and the sim suffered for it. I'll do better next month. And yes, this is me admitting I'm only Human.



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Posted: October 31, 2020 9:23 pm
Updated: October 31, 2020