USS Majestic October 2020

USS Majestic October 2020

Sim Updates

No updates to webpage. Though I Do think there might be an issue with the player count. It says we lost two players and we haven't lost anyone this month. It's weird. Anyway . . .

Crew Updates

Congratulations to the following people. Nichelle Vannan on her promotion to Lieutenant!, Orin Sempton on his promotion to Lt. JG and Dr. Lily Marlow on her promotion to Lt!.

We have one guest star on board with us and one person on LOA hence only 11 active players right now.

Story Elements

All available crew who wanted to leave have disembarked from the ship and are now down on the station. Things have just started getting creepy there. The Holograms are behaving strangely and something's lurking in the shadows of a party. Just in time for halloween . . .

Other Information



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Posted: October 31, 2020 11:33 pm
Updated: November 2, 2020