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USS Merlin_April_2020

USS Merlin_April_2020

Sim Updates

We will be staring a joint mission with the USS Andromeda and the USS Europa.

Crew Updates

No New crew. Several assistant positions open and civilian affairs.

Story Elements

The Merlin has responded to a distress call and a summons from the USS Andromeda. The USS Andromeda following a recent distress call makes their way to coordinates it originated from to discover a planet in pieces and a planet killer just sat there. Before they can work out what has happened the Planet killer powers up once more and starts moving. It starts to act weirdly only consuming small moons, not interested in the Andromeda. It consumes just enough to power it to plow forward in the direction of the Briar patch....
And Baku!

Other Information



Submitted By: melody-jones
Posted: May 9, 2020 10:46 pm
Updated: May 9, 2020