USS Nogura – Jun-19

USS Nogura – Jun-19

Sim Updates

Major Changes this month include a new site skin for the NOVA program. I was getting tired of the old black and dark scheme and thought a change was needed. So we recently updated the Neptune skin and uploaded a new pip set along with updated uniform pics. Over the next month, I will be looking at each page of the site and refreshing things. We've pretty much been running the same for almost five years now and Harrington thinks we need an update.

Crew Updates

We lost no new crew this month and did manage to gain a member, Howie. Howie brought with him our new Marine Unit, The Kingsmen, and his character Marine Captain Jack Patton. Other than that there were no real changes to the manifest, other than general clean up. No awards this month, they will be given at the end of the mission.

Story Elements

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Mission Title: The Collector
Mission Quote: "We are all born alone and die alone. The loneliness is definitely part of the journey of life." ~Jenova Chen

Summary: Fresh from their vacation on Risa, the Nogura is ordered to rendezvous with a large ship traveling at slow speed in Federation space. Sent to make contact and establish a dialog, the Nogura encounters an alien vessel many times larger than anything in the Federation databases; almost 50 times bigger than any known ship. Starting their initial scans the object tractors the Nogura into the behemoth interior and begins to make the ship a part of itself, in effect assimilating the Nogura and her crew. Though the crew manages to get shields up, it's only a matter of time before the Nogura is forever trapped.

Sending out teams to explore the alien vessel, the crew find terrariums constructed for the thousands of other sentient beings captured and their descendants imprisoned. Many familiar and unfamiliar races are found, from across the Gamma and Delta Quadrants. Further, searching reveals that an AI, who calls himself the Collector, is responsible for the vessel's mission. The ship is eons old, traveling at very low speed (slower-than-light), capturing and adding aliens from ships and planets to its collection. The computers are degrading and have lost track of where it came from and why it's collecting.

While the crew seems to be powerless to escape, they opt to determine the nature of the Collector and help it and/or put an end to its mission while relocating the many intelligent beings aboard the vessel to new homes. Can the crew figure out this AIs plans and get their ship out in time, or will they be lost to the Collector for good?

Other Information

It was a good month, and I foresee several big(massive) changes in the next month, but more to come on that later. Here's to a good June, and see you all in July!!



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