USS Pioneer 03/2018

USS Pioneer 03/2018

Sim Updates

The site is holding strong and is right where it should be for now. However, it is always evolving. This month we added a mod that will allow people to learn who writes which NPC. I am also working on a new skin that I hope to unveil in time for the ship's six month anniversary. Also being worked on is the expansion of the joint sim project. The addition of the USS Juno to Empok Nor has led to the addition of that ship's crew to the Pioneer site. This allows for cross sim posting. A teaser for the next mission for the Pioneer has also been added to the site. The mission titled The Sum of Our Parts will explore what the crew's life might have been if they turned left instead of right. This mission is designed to allow a more free form style of writing.

Crew Updates

USS Pioneer Awards
No awards have been granted to the crew this month as the crew made the choice to hold awards off until the end of the current mission. The only award that was added was the ribbon for CO of the year.

Departing Crew Members
Ensign T'Rish left the ship as an active writer, but will continue to write on the Pioneer as an NPC. It is a blow to the Pioneer as it would be to any sim when you lose such a prolific writer. We wish her well on everything, and we are glad to still call her bestie...

New Crew Memebers
This month we are proud to welcome a new member and welcome back an old member. First we welcome newcomer Petty Officer Third Class Morol Rial as a Propulsion Specialist in the Engineering Department. The Pioneer is overjoyed to have another fellow CO writing one of our enlisted men.

The Pioneer welcomes back Petty Officer Third Class Heidy Dilucca as the ship's Brig Officer. Heidy took a leave of absence to handle some real life issues. The Brig was not the same without her quirkiness.

We also welcome Lieutenant Commander Darf Krackden a Birkarian to XO seat. His levity is greatly appreciated at this time.

Open Positions
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief of the Boat
Multiple Marine Positions (varied specialties)
Enlisted Positions (varied specialties)

Story Elements

The Pioneer is currently engaged in heavy battle as a Nor Class station was discovered in the Badlands. Breyet Nor was built by the Dominion and abandoned at the end of the war. However, a group calling itself the New Maquis have taken the station as a base of operation. Currently an away team being led by First Lieutenant Jack Cunningham has boarded the station. Their mission to find out exactly what is going there and put a stop to it. The Pioneer's Counselor Lieutenant JG Amelia Zano has contacted Cardassia Prime and the Detapa Council to find out exactly what that station was initially built for. She is currently navigating the bureaucratic red tape.

The New Maquis for their part are a resourceful lot as when the away team left the ship a small contingent of Maquis managed to board the Pioneer. Security teams being led by Ensign Elloma Essu and augmented by the remaining Marines are fending off the boarding parties.

What can be so important that the Maquis would risk it all to attempt to take the Intrepid Class starship. Well that is up to the away team to find out.

Post Count: 25
Playing Characters: 17
New Players: 1
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

First off I would like to thank the Admiralty for the CO of the Year Award. It means a lot to me personally and this ship. I can only hope to live up to the expectations that come with it. However, I must point out that I would not be deserving of such an honor if it were not for the crew that I have. I like to tell people that all I did was come up with a concept for a ship. But these writers have taken that concept and made it a full fledged story and world. In short a CO is only as good as their crew so I would be remiss if I did not thank them for their writing and their friendship.

Our Discord channel has seen an uptick in use and the community that is the Pioneer has grown immensely.



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