USS Pioneer 05/2018

USS Pioneer 05/2018

Sim Updates

There have been a few updates to the site. The privacy policy has been updated to come in line with GDPR. The update to Nova has also been installed. Following the update to Nova, a new MOD was installed. This MOD lists all posts in order of Mission Day as opposed to publication day. This MOD allows readers to follow the story in the order that it happens. Someone can also follow the individual arch of a single character through the mission if they choose to. On a personal note I also think it makes the site looks more organized because of this MOD. The last major update to the site was some new graphics have been added to make the players feel more immersed in the world that the ship exists in. As for minor updates I have cleaned up the site deleting old NPCS and character images that were just taking up space.

Crew Updates

Crew Departures
This month we lost one crew member. First Lieutenant Jack Cunningham was our Marine Commanding Officer and Second Officer. He departed the ship when he parted ways with the fleet as a whole. We hope that he is doing well wherever he lands.

New Crew Members
This month the USS Pioneer has added two new crew members we are overjoyed to have them and look forward to seeing them add to our writing pool. First we welcome Lieutenant Junior Grade Elen Diari joins us as our Chief Engineering Officer. We also welcome Lieutenant T'Mia as our Chief Flight Control Officer. These two officers round out the Senior Staff for the Pioneer, all the department heads are filled with player characters. I am excited for this fact and to see where this takes us.

USS Pioneer Awards
Mission one ended, and the end of mission awards were handed out there were a few of them and I am proud to write with each and every member of my crew.
Richard Ballston - Our Chief Medical Officer has been promoted to Lieutenant Commander on top of granting his rank we are happy that he has accepted the position of Second Officer as well. He is a great addition to the command team.
Amelia Zano - Our Chief Counselor has earned the rank of Lieutenant.
Heidy DiLucca - Our Brig Officer has gained the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class
Cornelius Tremble - He has been promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant and been given the position of Marine Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Amelia Zano Crew's Choice Award
Lieutenant Commander Darf Krackden Captain's Personal Merit Award
Lieutenant Hermia O'Rourke MD Executive Officer's Merit Award
Lieutenant Amelia Zano PsyD Library Excellence Ribbon
Ensign Elloma Essu Meritorious Newcomer Award
Lieutenant Amelia Zano PsyD Non-Player Character Award
Lieutenant Commander Richard Ballston MD Whoopi Goldberg Diversity Ribbon
Lieutenant Commander Darf Krackden Outstanding Volunteer Award
Lieutenant Larim Myles Creativity Award
Second Lieutenant Cornelius Tremble George S Patton Memorial Award (Marines)
Chief Petty Officer Andrew Moore George S Patton Memorial Award (Fleet)
Petty Officer 1st Class Jennifer Masters Enlisted Award of Merit
Ensign Elloma Essu Good Conduct Medal

Story Elements

With mission one officially over, the crew has been granted some shore leave on Empok Nor. This shore leave is allowing for some character growth for the whole crew. It also allows for two very great and fun things to happen on the sim. The first is Rear Admiral Lancaster has come to visit as a guest star and the crew is having fun interacting with their bosses boss. The other is it just so happened that the USS Juno has put into Empok Nor at the same time as the Pioneer. The first two cross sim posts have been published and I am excited to see at least three more in the works among both crews.

When Shore Leave is over the Pioneer will be sent off on the next mission titled - The Sum Of Our Parts. The USS Pioneer is sent at the request of the Detapa Council to a Cardassian Science Station near Cardassia Prime. A distress call from Cardassia's preeminent scientist specializing in temporal mechanics Dr Tavik Zojal. The Pioneer is now in a race against time itself to save the doctor and perhaps everything. Now the crew of the USS Pioneer must confront themselves if decisions were different, if times were different.

Post Count: 98
Playing Characters: 19
New Players: 2
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

I would like to thank Commander Harold Anderson and his awesome crew on the USS Juno for writing with us last month and continuing to write with us. I also want to thank Rear Admiral Lancaster for coming to write with us. I cannot rave enough about this group of writers on the Pioneer. I have to thank them every month for sharing their talent, friendship and stories with me.

Until next month...
Steady As She Goes



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