USS Pioneer April 2018

USS Pioneer April 2018

Sim Updates

The new skin that I mentioned in last month's report is coming along nicely if all goes will it will be operational next month. With exception to the new skin there has not been much change in the website itself. Some imagery on the site will be rotated in the coming months to improve on the Pioneer's internet home. I have also started using the mission groups function for the ship. This allows the crew to write and post in the main mission plot as well as write additional character driven posts. More on that later in the report. Story elements from the various sims based at Empok Nor are beginning to take hold in the main arcs of the sims. For example the USS Firebird's run in with the New Maquis has played a huge part in the mission for the Pioneer that is now wrapping up.

Crew Updates

USS Pioneer Awards
With Mission 1 "The Enemy Within" wrapping up the crew is voting now on their awards for the mission. The announcement of these awards will come in next month's report.

Departing Crew Members
We have lost one crew member this month due to real life issues. Out Chief Engineer Lieutenant Thalk has decided to leave the sim. We are saddened by this loss to our community and to the overall writing. However, we wish him well as he begins his performance schedule as an actor. We at the Pioneer hope that when things slow down he will come back to the Pioneer.

New Crew Members
Make new friends but keep the old ones... As we lose one crew member we gain another. We are proud to welcome a new crew member as well as have some crew shift positions.

First we welcome Lieutenant Junior Grade Dana Wakefield as our Chief Operations Officer. The Lieutenant has been with us for this month and has hit the ground running, making her presence known in multiple posts. The crew looks forward to seeing what she can add to the Operations department.

The writer behind Corporal Azure Thompson in our Marine Department has decided to take a more active role in the crew at large. Corporal Thompson will remain as an NPC, as we meet Lieutenant Hermia O'Rourke Assistant Chief Medical Officer. We are looking forward to seeing our own Dr Ballston have a foil in Sick Bay.

Open Positions
Chief of the Boat
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Multiple Marine Positions

Story Elements

The Pioneer has wrapped it's first mission in the Badlands. The Cardassian station that was found there has been secured and the CDF is sending a team to come out and investigate. For the moment at least it seems that the New Maquis has gone into hiding. But the damage is done. We have learned that former Admiral Rodney Leyton is somehow connected to the New Maquis, what his connection is or how he is connected is still unknown.

Biogenic weapons have also been discovered aboard this station and although Dr Richard Ballston and his team have rendered the weapons inert but the blueprints are still at large. As for the ship itself she undergoes repairs on the fly as the ship has been ordered to assist a Cardassian scientist. The Pioneer's Marines let by First Lieutenant Jack Cunningham managed to take the station with minimal casualties. Two Maquis were taken as prisoner and are undergoing debriefing by our Intelligence Department. The Security team staved off multiple boarding parties as they were led by ACSTO.

When the Pioneer finally emerged from the Badlands after limping it's way out. The ship rendezvoused with a shuttle that brought the XO, ACMO, and COO aboard. With this addition to the ship's crew the Pioneer will continue to strive, to seek and not to yield.

Post Count: 60
Playing Characters: 18
New Players: 1
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

First off I would like to thank Rear Admiral Lancaster for the fourth pip. I hope to continue to reach and supersede the bar that he has set. However, as always I could not have done it without my crew. I would like to thank each and every one them. In particular, my XO who has taken some of the mission points as his own to run. This presents a new facet to my simming experience as I am not sure how those mission points will turn out. It is that much more enjoyable to read. Next Ensign Elloma Essu who as the ACSTO has added an interesting layer to what the Junior Officers do when the Senior Staff is having all the fun. Finally my Marine writers, this last mission was Marine heavy and they stepped it up and wrote some interesting and exciting battle posts. So thanks to all of you.

Our Discord channel is as active as ever. The Pioneer is a community one that I am damn proud to be a part of. I can't say thank you enough to my awesome crew.



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