USS Pioneer – Aug-18

USS Pioneer – Aug-18

Sim Updates

No real updates to the site this month. It seems at least for now that the web home for the Pioneer is in great shape. Our posting level dropped a lot this month. However, after speaking with the crew I am chalking this up to August being vacation month. We expect our posting levels to return to what has come to be expected bu the end of September.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
I am proud to report that this month we had no one depart the ship. A happy crew is a happy sim.
Leave of Absence
Our XO Lieutenant Commander Darf Krackden takes a Leave of Absence from the ship. He is tending to a real life issue. Life before sim is the always the way to be. We hope to have him back soon, but he is very much up in the air. All of us at the Pioneer family are keeping our fingers crossed that he has a triumphant return.
New Crew Members
No new players this month. The Pioneer currently has a crew of 16 and it seems that is working out better than I can hope. That said we are always open to new and interesting characters. So if you would like to come aboard let us know.
USS Pioneer Awards
We are in the middle of our mission. As such the crew is nominating awards but they will not be announced until the end of the mission.
Open Positions
Chief of the Boat
Marine Positions

Story Elements

The crew is off in various parallel universes. Each one is different and unique to that character, which is fun to read. I have set the posts up so that if a reader would like to follow one character's journey they can. The crew is not only writing their own character's universes but they are participating in their crew mates stories by writing their alternate selves. We are reaching the climax where each universe has figured out what is happening and now they need to figure out how to get home and set it all right. The bigger question is what happens when one of the crew wants to stay where they are?

Post Count: 55
Playing Characters: 17
New Players: 0
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

As I stated earlier our posting levels have dropped this month, but this is due to vacations. Having just come back from vacation myself I know that my crew is excited to get this mission wrapped up and continue on to what is next.

On an unrelated topic, if there are any web geniuses out there who would like to help me with an issue on the Pioneer site please send me a message.

As always I would like to thank each and every one of my crew members for a great month of simming. Here is to seeing what next month has in store.

Until Then...
Steady As She Goes



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