USS Pioneer – December 2020

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USS Pioneer – December 2020

Sim Updates

No major updates to the sim. Some minor changes to the website as we expand the canon of the Pioneer. New wikis for events and places in and around the Romulan border have gone up. This to reflect the new location of the ship. Our sister ship page has also been updated.

Crew Updates

No crew changes to announce at this time. We are glad that our family is holding strong.

Story Elements

Captain Malbrooke is assembling a small group to sneak into Romulan space and get the Chief Science Officer's kidnapped sister back. This is being done against orders and all involved expect repercussions when they return. However one must do what one must for family. Meanwhile the Pioneer's XO takes the ship into a first contact situation with a long lost off shoot of the Romulans. Will the Jutrai be friend or foe.

Other Information

After an extremely slow November I am happy with the numbers this month. Although they are not exactly where I would like them to be. The road to returning the Pioneer to the numbers that we are used to have begun. This is a great turnout especially given the holidays this past month. Here is to 2021 and continuing the march back.



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