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USS Pioneer – January 2021

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USS Pioneer – January 2021

Sim Updates

As we enter our third year we begin preparations for the five year anniversary. The first step in those preparations is a new skin. I am beginning to work on the code for something original and what I hope to be truly unique. We are also working on updating our dedication plaque imagery. The QSD has been installed and may get its first test as the Pioneer ventures out on a first contact mission to meet the mysterious Jutrai.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
Thankfully none of the Pioneer family have left us during the past month.

Leave of Absence
Currently the Pioneer has two crew members on Leave of Absence. Our Chief Intelligence Officer Jennifer Masters-Calhoun is on leave for personal reasons. We look forward to having her back with us as soon as possible.

Our Chief Science Officer Vaebn tr'Hwersuil is on a very unique Leave of Absence. We are overjoyed to announce that he is on paternity leave as his wife has given birth to a wonderful healthy baby girl on January 28th. May happiness a joy abound. He will join us after loving on his daughter.

New Crew Members
There are no new members to the Pioneer crew at this time.

Awards & Promotions
We are happy to announce that Captain Cornelius Tremble has been with us for three years. While there is no award for this we still wanted it to be recognized.

Story Elements

Family Matters
Sophomore Cadet Lyie t'Hweruil has been kidnapped from Starfleet Academy on Earth. The USS Pioneer is asked to venture into Romulan space and rescue her. Who will they find on the other side of the Zone? The Romulans that are looking for peace and a rebirth in the fallout from Hobus or the same old Romulans. Will the Pioneer's crew and her Chief Science Officer be able to rescue the Cadet despite the emotional attachment? The Pioneer is on uncertain ground as they wade into a game of wits with Romulans who will hit too close to home.

The Pioneer's aero shuttle named Oakley leaves the ship with the Pioneer's Captain and a small crew aboard. The group leaves apparently going on shore leave. The truth behind their sudden departure is to slip into Romulan space and rescue the sister of one of their own.

Meanwhile the Pioneer's XO takes the ship and the rest of the crew to meet with a new mysterious race. A group simply known as the Jutrai. The claim to have been in the shadow of the Romulan Empire all these many years. However, now in the aftermath of Hobus they can come out in the open.

Only time will tell what will happen now that the Pioneers have split up and the Romulans are involved.

Other Information

January has seen the Pioneer climb back to the average of close to two posts for the month. I am proud and happy to see the Pioneer crew return from the doldrums. However, the sky is the limit so onward and upward.



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