USS Pioneer – Jun-19

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USS Pioneer – Jun-19

Sim Updates

The only major updates to the website are a streamlining of the manifests. This including trimming the fat as it were. Old characters, and images were deleted. The Marines and our Intelligence Department were redesigned so that one can read it better on the site. The biggest update came in our WIki. Some new information is now available including diagnostic data, medical terminology, and medical equipment. More information will be going up in our wiki as the year progresses. A bridge schematic was added to the site as well. Now writers can see exactly where on the the bridge their character would be stationed. Should they be playing a character on the bridge.

The Command Team of the USS Pioneer have decided that the position of CDF Liaison should be placed on a hold for the time being. It seems that at least the current plot does not allow for such a position to participate well.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
Glen Brecat Jerane the CDF Liaison has been cut from the USS Pioneer. This was due to a lack of participation.

Leave Of Absence
Currently, no one is on leave. It is refreshing to have everyone back and writing.

New Crew Members
This month saw the Pioneer joined by two new crew members. We proudly welcome Lieutenant Tallida Ovaa. She will be taking over as Ship's Counselor, that is if she can stay sane her self. We are very happy to welcome back the writer behind Tallida. An old friend who was there at the Pioneer's creation and has come back to write some more great stories. We humbly thank them for coming back.

We are also very proud to welcome Warrant Officer Mira Jayna. She will be joining the Intelligence Department as an Infiltration Specialist. I have written with the writer behind Mira and if my experience on other sims is any indication all of us here on the Pioneer are in for a treat.

Awards & Promotions
The past month saw a very special award presentation on the Pioneer. A few of the crew member nominated our XO Quinn O Flannagain for the Outstanding Executive Officer Award. As this award is a Fleet Level Award those nominations were passed up the chain. I am proud to say that the Joint Fleet Command has granted the award. Congratulations Commander O Flannagain keep up the great work and we are all proud to have you on the Pioneer.

I would also like to announce that Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters has been promoted to the rank of Staff Warrant Officer.

Open Positions
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Counterintelligence Agent
Combat Engineer
Many Enlisted Positions Open

Story Elements

The Pioneer has returned to a tension filled Empok Nor. The crew is released for some R&R however, some stay to finish the repairs. The Pioneer barely left Cardassia intact. The drums of war beat louder and the three commanding officers are at en passe. Brigadier General Francis Sobel, Captain Winfield Hood, and Captain Tyler Malbrooke all feel like their hands are being tied and Cardassia is holding the rope. Meanwhile an unlikely ally from the Klingon Empire has set upon their own investigation. This is to the relief of Starfleet as the Klingons can do a lot of things that Starfleet cannot. Despite the threat of war Malbrooke decides to open the door to families aboard the Pioneer. The first person to transfer over is his wife Katherine. However, her appearance on the ship is more than for her husband, she has a mission that she has to keep under wraps. That is until it is complete.

As the en passe is reached the Pioneer is asked to do something that it was actually designed to do and that is explore. The Cardassian Defense Force is stretched thin and as such Cardassia asks the Pioneer to check on a planet to see if it is suitable for colonization. However, when the Pioneer arrives they find a lot more then they bargained for. What's more is that the crew has forgotten why they even came there in the first place. It seems that the USS Pioneer has an old fashioned mystery on it's hands when it contends with The Silence.

Post Count: 150
Playing Characters: 18
New Players: 2
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

This month the crew of the Pioneer came out swinging. We doubled our post count from last month and came to about 8 posts per character. That amazes me to no end, not only are the numbers there but the story is an interesting one. The relationships that are forming and the friendships as well. The crew of the Pioneer humbles me and we are just getting started/ I am immensely proud of the stories have told thus far and will continue to tell. Most of all I am proud to have this crew as friends.



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