USS Pioneer – Oct-18

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USS Pioneer – Oct-18

Sim Updates

The entire site has been revamped. We have a new and improved skin, complete with new graphics. Also a new rank set is on the the site. The site redesign reflects the new main storyline that is taking place on the Pioneer. I use our site as an immersive tool. The website acts as a setting for the mood of the story as I am believer in setting the stage as it were. The crew seems to have taken to the new site layout like a fish to water and they love it.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
Due to some significant real life issues our Executive Officer Darf Krackden has left the sim. We will miss him and hope that he comes back to us when everything gets in order. Warrant Officer Joran Thal our Chief Intelligence Officer has also left the sim due to real life issues. We wish him well on all his endeavours.

Leave of Absence
Our Chief Medical Officer Richard Ballston is on an ELOA due to classwork. As I always say real life before simming. So we look forward to him returning to us when gets straight A's.

New Crew Members
We have a new crew member taking over as the First Sergeant of our Marine Division. So we welcome Gunnery Sergeant Wilhelmina Wilson to our Marine Division and look forward to all of the great stories that they will be telling with the Marines.

The writer behind our Assistant Chief Security Tactical Officer Elloma Essu has stepped up and taken over as the Executive Officer with a new character. So we welcome Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin as a new character. He has already hit the ground running and changed the scope of the Pioneer.

USS Pioneer Awards
The following people have been promoted with the close of the last mission.
Andrew Moore has been promoted to the rank of Command Senior Chief Petty Officer. He has also been given the position of Chief of the Boat.
Elloma Essu has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade
Jennifer Masters has been promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer and granted the position of Chief Intelligence Officer
Jennifer Masters has been given the Captain's Personal Merit Award
Lieutenant Larim Myles has been given the Executive Officer's Merit Award
Lieutenant Hermia O'Rourke has been given the Crew's Choice Award
Second Lieutenant Cornelius Tremble has been given the Outstanding Post Ribbon
Lieutenant Elloma Essu has been given the Outstanding Volunteer Award
Captain Tyler Malbrooke has been given the Ribbon of Commitment by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster
Command Senior Chief Andrew Moore, Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters, Lieutenant Junior Grade Elloma Essu all have been given the Six Month Service Citation
Captain Tyler Malbrooke, Lieutenant Larim Myles have been given the One Year Service Citation

Open Positions
Cardassian Defense Force Liaison
Marine Positions
Enlisted Positions

Story Elements

After two weeks of debriefings about the journey through time the crew of the Pioneer has been released to Casperia Prime for some shore leave. They use this time to reacquaint themselves with their families after a year of being lost to time. On Casperia the crew is having fun and are being taken care of. However, it seems that the people of Casperia are simply too accommodating. Tyler Malbrooke and his crew are a little suspicious of the reactions that the people are giving on Casperia and are investigating. Family, a new threat, relaxation, and more await the crew of the USS Pioneer below the rings of Casperia Prime.

Post Count: 77
Playing Characters: 17
New Players: 1
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

This month the crew has doubled the amount of posts from last month and I could not be happier. They have definitely kicked it up a notch, this crew never ceases to amaze me. Now that the crew has regrouped from the time travel the character development has increased. The post level will hopefully increase even more as we go through our shore leave and approach the next mission. There is a lot more to come.



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