USS Pioneer – Sep 2019

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USS Pioneer – Sep 2019

Sim Updates

The Pioneer's website is undergoing it's second overhaul. This overhaul is including the design of a new skin from the ground up. The hope is to reveal this skin in conjunction with the sim's second anniversary and move to a new setting.

Which brings us to the second of our changes. The Pioneer will be moving. Currently the ship operates in the Trivas System in Cardassian space. However, by January of 2020 the ship will be moving to the Task Force 47 hub Starbase Sirius near the Romulan Neutral Zone. This move has created a lot of area for plot creation.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
Thankfully no one has departed our family.

Leave Of Absence
Unfortunately due to personal real life issues we have had to place our Chief of the Boat Andrew Moore back on an Extended Leave of Absence. We hope that all will go well for him and wish a speedy recovery.

New Crew Members
Lieutenant Junior Grade Sajryk Anidem joins our family as our Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer. I am sure the Andorian will do great things.

Awards & Promotions
There are no awards or promotions to report at this time.

Open Positions
First Sergeant
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Counterintelligence Agent
Combat Engineer
Many Enlisted Positions Open

Story Elements

The USS Pioneer has arrived at Wren IX on what is scheduled to be a routine survey mission on behalf of the Cardassian government. She hangs in a tight orbit avoiding the rings of rock and debris around this planet. After some off putting sensor readings and the discovery of an unmanned station in orbit the Pioneer forms two away teams.

The First team being commanded by the ship's XO beams down to the planet surface to investigate the presence or lack of presence of a ruined civilization. They immediately feel like something is just not right. The inhabitants of this planet, a group known only as The Silence is watching them, and waiting to see what the team does.

Meanwhile a second Away Team being led by the Pioneer's Chief Security and Tactical Officer beams over to the station. This team immediately realizes they have bitten off more than they can chew as the telepaths and empaths on the team are briefly incapacitated. The Silence makes their presence known to one person Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister. The question is can she remain sane to help everyone before it is too late. Hollister will learn what The Silence means when they say We are The Silence and silence is golden, but our eyes see.

The Cure, the USS Pioneer's Marines have left the vessel with the ship's Intelligence Division. Their original objective was to simply test some new equipment. However, while on mission they discover evidence that the Cardassians had been to Wren IX in the past. The question for them is why?

Post Count: 104
Playing Characters: 20
New Players: 1
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

Posting has slowed down just a smidgen from last month. However, it is nothing that I am worried about. The crew has taken to the mystery of The Silence like fish to water and what is being written is not only interesting to read, but it reads like a suspense thriller that takes place in the Star Trek setting. Perfect for Halloween. I for one cannot wait to see what this fantastic group of writers comes up with for this mission.



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