USS Sovereign – September 2020 Report

USS Sovereign – September 2020 Report

Sim Updates

We launched!

Our first official month in existence.

Crew Updates

New crew!

Lieutenant Brianna Rochelle - CFCO
Lieutenant Commander Dominic Taggart - CSTO
Lieutenant Commander Min Seong - CMO

Story Elements

Our first missing is well... our first mission.

Ad Astra is the launch mission for the Sovereign. The crew will gather, the ship will launch (hopefully) and a new era of Starfleet exploration will begin during a tumultuous time.

Other Information

Unfortunately, admittedly, the first month has yielded no posts. It was a slow not very inspiring month for myself but we have several posts on the go and some ads for new crew being posted. We will be looking to start strong this October and go from there.



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Posted: October 2, 2020 5:08 am
Updated: October 2, 2020