USS Vesta – Aug-19

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USS Vesta – Aug-19

Sim Updates

No major changes to the site, we like it quite the way it is. Truth be told, August was a pretty poor month for the Vesta with a lot of crew otherwise engaged, so we haven't been focusing on the website as much, as well as no real heed has been paid to things such as advertising.

Crew Updates

No new crew this month, although since July was missed, we will report that we did lose our Chief Tactical Officer, and as a result will be considering applications for a new one.

Story Elements

Due to end of July and early August snags, the Vesta has made no serious progress on the "Wrong Place, Right Time" mission, aside from having officially arrived at the planet. During September, we are going to see a small push in the story moving into the kidnapping of a Flag Officer.

Other Information

Vesta had a hiccup this last month and is bouncing back. Our posting numbers are definitely going to reflect this, we are hoping to be better this month.



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