USS Vesta – August 2020

USS Vesta – August 2020

Sim Updates

During the month of August the USS Vesta was assigned back to Task Force 72 as the Command Flagship. There has been work to begin making moves to clean and organize the page to reflect this change. There will be a delay in the coming weeks as we fix it in our own lore, something not yet done. We have started the introduction of our new mission, "When the Bough Bounces", and have begun actively recruiting for a Ship's Counselor to deal with the fallout of the previous mission.

Updates on the Vesta were slowed by development of the Esquimalt Station, lore for which will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Crew Updates

No crew has been added or removed from the Vesta in a few months (hurrah!). At the beginning of the Summer, the Tactical and Security departments were split, each which will have it's own Chief. We may introduce a single officer that oversees these two departments. Though that remains to be seen.

Actively recruiting for the following roles:
+Chief Security Officer
+Chief Tactical Officer
+Chief Operations Officer
+Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Story Elements

The crew has just departed Sirius Station, headed for Earth at Warp. Doctor Bathory, one of the Federation's chief scientists in the field of aging and life extension is aboard, attending a dinner with some members of the crew. He has come aboard, headed to Earth with the intention of presenting his findings on possible new gene therapy, however the speaking event is a ruse, and the Vesta wasn't selected by accident. The doctor was actually studying the Miran Virus, responsible for the creation of the Onlies. With access to the ships resident Mirans, it is likely he intends to see about truly reverse engineering the virus. He may just be further along than anyone, himself included, thought.

Out of the ship's canon, the Vesta was involved in the recovery of Obsidian Command, having ferried her new CO to her as well. Minor details and touch ups during the stay were under taken.

Other Information

With 4 posts per player this month, I am extremely happy with my crew. While we are not in our full swing necessarily yet, we have been making awesome work of the current situation. We have also seen the crew undergoing wonderful growth story arcs as of late, and I wanted to take a minute to recognize the crew and their wonderful work. The writing has been super enjoyable to read, and I feel has been a prime example of exploring characters in a universe that would make Star Trek veteran happy to see.



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