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USS Vesta | December 2021

USS Vesta | December 2021

Sim Updates

Lots of activity on the Vesta for the end of the year, with some small changes throughout as things have progressed. While the website hasn't changed any, the crew certainly has! We are in the middle of transitioning to Act 2 of our mission, so we can start strong with the new year.

Crew Updates

Ellen Harper, our new ACTSO joined the ship, filling out our Tactical/Security roster quite nicely! This firmly puts the Vesta at 10 active crew members.

Story Elements

We are plotting along a little slowly with the boarding party just getting to the Tholian ship and the secrets within while Operations begins their sweeps for Tholians milling about. Our crew is on edge, this doesn't feel like a regular Starfleet mission. The boarding party has found the main engine room and is starting to spread out!

Other Information

Our new crew members have been very active in our posting, which I feel deserves some recognician, and the crew as a whole has been very excited about creating new bits of lore for ourselves.



Submitted By: yminawara
Posted: December 30, 2021 10:40 pm
Updated: December 30, 2021