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USS Vesta | January 2021

USS Vesta | January 2021

Sim Updates

There have been some minor tweaks to our mission's parameters, but overall there have been no major changes to the Vesta for the month of January. We expect things to remain fairly straight and narrow for the forseeable future, with the exception of adding back our age rating of 2-1-2 to the Vesta in the coming month.

Crew Updates

No changes to the crew, who have been wonderfully active and keeping on steaming ahead in a plot that is odd and harder to write within.

Story Elements

"The Vesta has been directed to escort a revered Federation Scientist to Earth, an easy escort mission following her last mission that ended up with her Captain in sickbay and a crew demoralized. After a short rest at Sirius Station for small repairs and resetting, she sets out on her courier mission, unaware that the scientist isn't what he seems."

The crew that have been affected by the changes made by the virus are starting to notice the effects of the deaging. At this point very little is known of how far the virus has spread, and worse, no one can find the doctor responsible. Even more odd, the Marine aboard seem to be completely unaffected at this time. As the ship's doctor races against time and his own accelerated rate of deaging, we wait to see if the crew can solve the problem before they are all reduced to children, or worse.

Other Information

Fairly good spread on posting this month, with great crew participation!



Submitted By: yminawara
Posted: February 1, 2021 4:15 pm
Updated: February 1, 2021