USS Vesta | July 2021 Report

USS Vesta | July 2021 Report

Sim Updates

This month we haven't made any changes to the Vesta or her average operations. As of right now, the website is continuing as normal.

Crew Updates

No changes to our crew this month, though they have been wonderfully active!

Story Elements

The Vesta has begun her mission towards the unknown Tholian ship, adrift in Federation space. Aside from the fact that it is abandoned, little else is known. With a strong team of Engineers, Ops personnel, and Intelligence teams, the Vesta plans to investigate, and see what useful information they can glean.

Other Information

The crew this month was strong, writing some of the most fun posts we have had in a long time writing. It was exciting to see new content being developed, and some fun new stories explored. I am excited to see where the crew heads from here.



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Posted: July 29, 2021 5:07 pm
Updated: July 29, 2021