USS Vesta | June 2021 Report

USS Vesta | June 2021 Report

Sim Updates

The Vesta moved into her new mission this month, which slowed posting as we all got up to speed with the new plan. We did however begin a motion to begin developing out the Qoird, an alien race from before, as well as adding some new elements to the Vesta like the Peoples Peace Movement, a radical pacifist movement that has forgotten what "pacifism" means. All of this we will be developing into a functional space to make available for anyone interested in that in the future.

Crew Updates

No changes to the crew, though looking at this reminds me there are a few overdue promotions and I should get around to awards. This will be a July Task.

As for the crew itself, we have a new face settling in with the group, getting comfortable. We have also been lucky that a few members who have been distracted due to their own work are able to come back to us more regularly. We look forward to writing more content soon!

Story Elements

The USS Vesta is set to depart Eqsuimalt Station, following the delivery of further Engineering teams. Commodore Minawara has been faced with an impending change in responsibility and worse, bureaucracy. The crew is set to do a tour of the northern sector and the colonies along the way, but will find themselves pulled for a "technically above bar" request due to the expertise of the crew. With a fresh set of junior officers aboard, and a few new senior members of the crew, questions are bound to arise. Especially when the salvage request they end up on takes a turn for the worst...

Other Information

I don't know about the rest of the world, but this Summer is off to a hot start here in Canada, and I know I will likely be spending less time than usual behind a desk if I can avoid it. Further, I will likely be taking a LOA the week of August 9-16 as I'll be getting married then, giving plenty of time for accommodation in that regard. During that time, anything for the Vesta can be directed to the command team.



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Posted: June 28, 2021 8:47 pm
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