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USS Potemkin

Toron Pax
Play by Discord/Other

The USS Potemkin is assigned to unexplored space. Their mission is one of exploration and first contact. Along the way to unexplored space lays plenty of opportunity to follow up in sectors that have had little more than a casual long-range scan. The Potemkin senior staff have so far helped a sleeper ship on course for a fiery encounter with a red giant star, get back on course for their new home world.
Solve the mystery of a destroyed planet, a displaced Population super massive star and the disappearance of an entire species of humanoids, only to find themselves in a deeper mystery.
Saved a civilian freighter from the Borg!
Soon they will be beyond the star charts, into the unknown to explore the truly unexplored; a return to Starfleet’s purest goal.

Chief Engineer

Toron Pax
Commanding Officer


Ezekiel “Zeke” Pride
Chief Pilot/SO

Alexander Artopolis

Scott McIntyre
Tactical Security Chief

Carl Hedley
Executive Officer

Reeza Ral
Chief Operations Officer