Office of Mediation and Arbitration – March 2018

Greetings and Salutations! Another fine month has gone by, and it’s been a chilly one throughout most everywhere. It seems that Mother Nature is having a giggle with us, and making it colder and colder each winter and making spring incredibly short. Oh well, what better to do on a chilly day than take care […]

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Joint Fleet Command Monthly Report – March 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to the Joint Fleet Command report for March! In this edition …   – Fleet Staff News! – IFS2 Updates! – Wanted: Community Engagement Peeps! – Obsidian Day: We need you! – Project Updates!   Read on!   Fleet Staff News   We’re currently advertising for two staff posts – Director […]

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Wanted: Academy Director (apply now!)

Vacancy Overview The purpose of this role is to lead and develop the Obsidian Fleet Academy to become an essential part of operations within the Fleet.  The Academy is responsible for the training of personnel within the Fleet, including Commanding Officers, in various courses and responsibilities. The Director will be the person who oversees the […]

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Task Force 47 Report – February 2018

Okay, seriously, where is this year going? It feels like only yesterday I was throwing out New Years messages, and now we’re nearly a quarter of the way in! But I’m rambling. This month is going to be a load of stuff and just a general summary really. You know the layout by now; 1. […]

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Joint Fleet Command Monthly Report – Feb 2018

And welcome to another month, another JFC Report! In this edition! Obsidian Fleet Goes Social Some Awards Get Announced Some Stuff Happened in Projects Some Staff News IFS2 Updates This month I’ve spent most of it trying to stop the pesky bots from registering so we don’t get PM spammed again. I’ve tightened up some […]

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Joint Fleet Command Monthly Report – Jan 2018

So a new year’s begun, the month’s over halfway through … It’s time for a Joint Fleet Command Monthly Report! In this edition … and in no particular order … Projects News! News from Around the Fleet What’s happened to X Poll of the Year? Upcoming Staff Vacancies! du Lac’s Song of the Month! Upcoming […]

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Office of Arbitration and Mediation – January 2018

Greetings and Salutations!   There is very little to report from the OMA for this past month, as yet again there have been no cases brought before the Office.  No news is good news, after all.. right?  It seems that most issues are stopped prior to reaching the Office, which means that the Commanding Officers, […]

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Task Force 72 – January Report

It goes without saying that January has been a surprisingly busy month for Task Force 72, yet despite the challenges the Task Force preformed extremely well.  As usual the leadership team and the simulation leaders maintained excellent communication at all levels through Discord and traditional mediums.  Through it all we’ve had several personnel changes, new […]

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Office of Mediation and Arbitration – December Report

Another year has gone, and a new one has begun – what exciting times!  As we ring in the new year, we often think of how it will be better than the last; everyone wants to improve, set goals and be productive in the end, why else would we have “new year resolutions?”  The Office […]

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Joint Fleet Command Monthly Report – November 2017

Another month gone by, it’s time for the JFC Monthly Report! In this edition  … Fleet News! IFS2 Updates! Fleet Project Roundup! Fleet News It’s been fairly steady in the Fleet this month. Mac and Lancaster both appointed their TFXO’s, We’ve also got the Ascension Class Carrier’s through the Fleet Council so they’ll be likely […]

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