Category: Task Force 47 News

  • CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Alicia Kelea-Salik

    24 April 2021
    Rank: Lieutenant Commander Position: Chief Counselor - USS Elysium Gender: Female Race: Betazoid/Trill(unjoined) Age: 32 Character Quote: "And so it…
  • Task Force 47 Report – January 2021

    16 February 2021
    Introduction Something something last man standing! Okay, that’s this month’s obligatory opening joke about the report being late, let’s crack…
  • USS Elysium’s Mirror Universe Catastrophe!

    30 December 2020
    After many months of interviews and discussions, and of course the obligatory legal rangaling, I have finally be able to…
  • Character Spotlight : S’hib

    22 December 2020
    Rank: Lieutenant Commander Position: Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical – USS Elysium Gender: Male Race : Sequus Age: 23 Character Quote:…
  • An Interview with Commander Garrett Lovejoy

    17 September 2020
    Brief Interview with Ms Elisha Pryce-Randal - onboard Ship Reporter EPR: What is your role in Starfleet? And what does…
  • Flagship Down?!

    4 August 2020
    Contact has recently been lost with the Starship Imperator under the Command of Captain Thomas Winter, an anonymous source on…
  • Vesta and the Lost Colony

    6 July 2020
    The USS Vesta pulls into Starbase 99, with news of a Federation shortcoming.
  • Unit Of Merit and End Of Year 2019

    7 March 2020
    Sorry for the small delay in getting the year-end awards done I kept waiting to do stuff in one go…
  • Khitomer Conference

    20 February 2020
    The Second Khitomer Conference is this weekend, Saturday, February 22, 2020 beginning at 3pm GMT (10am EST). Mark your calendars…
  • Obsidian Fleet – A Year in Review

    4 January 2020
    A slim woman walked up to the news desk and took her seat. She wore a nice plain suit and…