Chapter 16 - Learning to use the new tools

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The wind-down from quantum slipstream propulsion was becoming more and more routine with each iteration. For the most part, going into and out of the quantum slipstream was managed in a similar way to going to and from warp, yet there were some specific differences, particularly with respect to the ship’s Navigational Deflector. Following the modifications to counter interference in the quantum matrix from outside entities those changes became much more significant, so LTJG Davies-Muir gave a bit more attention to the transition.
This time, her extra oversight proved unnecessary, as the team had promulgated the procedural tweaks, and executed them without any deficiencies. This was a good sign, to her, that the department was communicating and, for the most part, pulling in the same direction. She needed that, as she became decidedly disenfranchised and unhappy when departments fractured into a non-collaborative and uncooperative state – a situation that she fervently worked, and hoped, to avoid.
Unexpectedly, the deflector’s power fluctuated across a series of channels, manifesting as a ripple that traveled port to starboard in rapid fashion. “It hasnae done tha’ before,” she muttered, loudly enough to be heard by the majority of the watch team.
“Agreed,” ENS P’Lor noted. “Which is curious, as we are not aligned toward any stellar bodies or known events.”
Stephanie brought up their ad hoc Quantum Planar Array interface, all the while hoping the information was still in the buffer. Navigational Deflector power information was not routinely stored on any system, yet there was a short-term buffer that held a few seconds of information, which the ship’s Main Computer would hold if it detected an anomaly. Fortunately, the strange readings were analyzed and determined by that computer to be noteworthy, and therefore retained.
“That appears to be a significant quantum event,” P’Lor stated.
“Aye,” Steffi determined. “And likely moving…” When P’Lor didn’t say anything else, she prompted, “A mobile quantum singularity.”
P’Lor covered her surprise rather quickly. Logic dictated that the most likely explanation for the presence of a non-stationary quantum singularity was that it was contained within the hull, and behind the cloak, of an Imperial Romulan Warbird. “It seems were are unalone at this time.”
“Indeed,” Stephanie agreed. “I’ll inform th’ Captain…”
LTJG Stephanie Davies-Muir (NPCed by Hanmore)