Chapter 9 - Season 3, Episode 9, The Day That Never Was (part 2)

Lieutenant Commander Carl Hedley Executive Officer
Lieutenant Elli-Navine Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Alexander Artopolis Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Reeza Ral Chief Operations Officer

So, back here, same again, no memories, standard time nonsense stuff. Scan the place looking for the source, seems to be on the planet, near the middle of a large population centre but it’s difficult to tell for sure. Seems like we probably need to get closer.

Stealth probe go! Looks like it came from a small, low building (surprise, surprise!). Doesn’t seem to be any surveillance, so it’s probably safe to transport down, maybe. Elli thinks there might be a different timeline going on inside the building! What a surprise! I’m so shocked!

Not the first time, and apparently Enterprise and Voyager made devices to protect from the effects of this kinda stuff and allow for communication. So perfect. Make some of that, then beam down and get on with it.

Place looks pretty abandoned, building looks fuzzy. Yeah. Like a mirage or something. Definitely nothing weird going on here. Anyway, couple of scans later, looks like the building is in temporal flux. Sort of trapped between our timeline and an aborted one. Looks like there’s about half an hour until it catches up. Which… Could be good, could be bad.

At any rate, seems like a situation that’s gonna resolve itself, to Carl at least. Not much point getting involved, and poking around could make things worse. Unfortunately, the bridge crew are naturally curious people and don’t seem all that happy with that verdict.

Unfortunately, Carl is too nice and Elli convinces him to let her poke around with the powerplant which literally cheats at relativity to make energy from nothing. Since when has messing with the fundamental laws of reality ever caused problems? Never, right? Oh, wait! Every single time!

Still, in they go, into a corridor leading to another door. Which Elli also opens. Oh, look, things are going wrong! There are clones of Basin, Carl and Ral in there! And one more the note taker forgot! They disappear as soon as the correct versions arrive, but they were looking at some kind of aquarium tank thing with a space-time rift thing in it. Seems to be flickering in and out of existence. Which doesn’t seem good.

Elli, of course, starts messing with strange technology and tries to stabilise the thing with the unfamiliar computers and systems. Doesn’t seem like stabilising it is a problem, because it is sort of stable, it’s just sometimes there and sometimes not. Is able to discover that at some point in the timeline, the technology was erased from existence, and the process is still ongoing.

Oh, would you look at that! Ral did it! Very sensible of her. There’s a bit of deliberation, but the consensus seems to be that if it was the crew deleting it, they were probably doing it for a good reason. So Elli makes sure that it’ll do that.

Detects a probe in the other timeline, then discovers that staying in the building when time fixes itself would be a mistake. So flee time. Get out to a nice safe distance, then one of the times it flickers it just doesn’t come back. Replaced by an extension of the disused restaurant over the road.

So that seems to be that. Starfleet still confused by the people popping in and out of existence, but Elli sees that they’re doing little energy quantum signature slipstream thingies or something, and she’s very interested.

Explores some computer systems, finds some registries for a bunch of airships, only about 10% of which are actually there, references to migration, that kind of thing. Eventually finds a device, a little square box about 6 inches on a side. It’s got wires inside, a switch on top, and a potato as a power source. It also lets them hop between parallel realities. Pretty neat-o stuff.

Report to Starfleet, yadda yadda yadda, job done. Time for tea and biscuits.