Chapter 15 - Season 3, Episode 15, As Foretold

Lieutenant Commander Carl Hedley Executive Officer
Lieutenant Alexander Artopolis Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Command Koolie Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Elli-Navine Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Johnny 5 Chief Tactical Officer
Lieutenant JG Geoffrey Danielson Chief Flight Control Officer

Time for a climactic final battle! The ship’s got shiny new gubbins, we’ve got ten buddies, and the baddies are coming to attack Starbase 364. Carl gives a rousing speech, it’s all very patriotic and encouraging and stuff. Couple of slipstream ships are going to outflank, while the big bois go after the command ship.

Carl makes a cunning plan to draw the first wave into range for a devastating opening salvo, which works out pretty darn well, and we wipe them out without much trouble. Then the next wave turns up, and the fleet advances to meet them, engaging with extreme prejudice.

Violence, death and destruction occur. It’s all very dramatic, explosions everywhere, ships getting blown out of space, etc. etc. Elli, with the Doctor’s help, works out that a tricobalt torpedo from the Thunderchild might be able to disable the rift, so we start to punch a path through.

Then, suddenly, an extra big ship appears! Clearly a big threat. It hits Potemkin with some kind of superweapon, draining the shields in a single hit and damaging the engines. Target priority adjusted! We pummel the thing with phasers and all manner of different torpedoes, which seems to be pretty effective. It’s damaged all over the place; comms, weapons, computer… Lovely stuff.

The Potemkin takes a couple more hits and dives into the enemy formation, ramming through three squadrons of fighters on the way, still slathering fire generously all over the dreadnought. Then, once we get in range, Elli beams a polaron torpedo into it, hitting the engines and draining its power completely.