Chapter 1 - Season 6: Episode 1 TBR074 - On Stranger Tides

“Captain’s Log, Stardate 76472,

Taking official command of the Wabi Sabi went as expected, it is a shame to say farewell to the Potemkin but we have all settled well into our new ship.We made course for Deep Space Nine a few hours ago and with a combination of our Slipstream burst drive and the impressive ‘standard’ warp engines we will reach the station in a day or so. Once there we will wait for a convoy to arrive which we will then escort into Cardassian space. I have been informed we should expect to be intercepted and attacked by pirates that have been operating unimpeded throughout Cardassian space for the last few months. Our convoy is too much of a price to be ignored and the Sabi is new enough that its capabilities would be unknown. While I do not look forward to battle I feel it will be a foregone conclusion that a fight will happen.

My orders are to disable and board one of the attacking ships to gain data on their movements in an effort to end the threat they pose to civilian traffic in the region. This will be the Sabi’s first major test, on paper she is more than capable of the task at hand but she was also a new and untested ship, as such everyone is on edge.”


The Sleek white form of the Wabi Sabi sliced through warp altered space with ease, the cutting edge warp drive allowed for a much more stable warp field, in short less power needed to go faster. They were however stuck at warp 4 to maintain pace with the convoy of freighters they flew alongside. Although unseen there was also a Klingon Bird of Prey shadowing them, Captain M’Tag had his ship hidden from even the convoy. The Sabi knew her Klingon friends were there, just not where. It wasn’t until the second slower than light waypoint that they saw the pirates, three ships dropped from warp while they traveled through a dense patch of gasses in a nebula.


The sensor staff had surmised that this would be where they attacked, blocked from long range sensors and communications being interfered with; it was the best place along their course to be attacked. The Pirates did not disappoint. The Wabi Sabi charged weapons and turned to engage the two repurposed ships that attacked from starboard, while M’Tag and his ship made for the enemy ship on the Port flank. Pax had been surprised that one of the ships attacking them was an Oberth Class, al-be-it a heavier modified one. Its first shot shocked the Sabi, another surprise but as they returned fire it was clear none of the ships would be a match, the pirate bird of prey fell first, its shields were quickly overwhelmed and their critical systems were  struck. As they turned to deal with the stolen federation ship M’Tag’s ship decloaks and opens fire on an armed freighter and in one single salvo crippeled it. M’Tag was a damn good commander and instead of going for the kill he ordered boarding parties to raid their computers.


With the shields failing on the Pirate Oberth Pax orders for them to be disabled, before targets could be locked the much smaller and older ship cloaks and jumps to warp. Still frowning, Pax orders an away team to board the Bird of Prey and recover whatever data they can.


On board the away team access the bridge finding several people, they fire upon the team but are quickly dispatched and they begin to access the data they can. They discover that much of the data has been deleted, only the last few days of navigational data can be found. Even a deep dive into the core to try and recover deleted files turns nothing up. It seems that they deleted navigational data at regular intervals… that or after leaving their home base. Either way the smaller ships data is transferred to the Sabi for a deeper analysis on board.


There was nothing left to gain from the ship and with most of the crew dead they beam back to the Sabi with the surviving crew. M’Tag’s strike team encountered similar results, the data from both ships is combined and charred before they return to the convoy and continue on their way. Pax didn’t expect any further encounters and wasn’t disappointed.