Chapter 2 - Season 6: Episode 2 TBR075 - Rising Tides

Season 6: Episode 2 TBR075 – Rising Tides

“Captain’s Log, Stardate 76473,

We have spent the last week helping the inhabitants of the planet Kelves unload and install the equipment the convoy had brought. Reploicators and atmospheric scrubbers and farming equipment as examples. While the Cardassians of Kelves are far from uneducated they are downtrodden and have been neglected by the reconstruction efforts so far, so an ample amount of instruction was needed. Regardless, once federation technology was explained and instructed upon the inhabitants were quick to put it to good use. Even before the Sabi broke orbit they had tilled and planted almost 30 hectares of land for crops and had produced prefab buildings for an entire township! We leave them in the hands of the Federation Corps of Engineers as they rebuild their world decades after it was destroyed at the end of the Dominion War.

We break orbit now with a target, a rogue planet which appears to have been yeeted from its parent star centuries before. Long range sensors show that the planet has pockets of air in valleys and canyons, heated by geothermal and volcanic activity but much of the world is a frozen world where the atmosphere has long since snowed out. However we are still too far away to get any good details. I have ordered the use of the Slipstream burst drive once we are clear of the system, it will take just moments to get there at those speeds and should give us the element of surprise if this is the home base of the pirates. An away mission might be required!”

Dropping back to normal space the Wabi enters orbit around the cold and mostly dead world. The oceans are almost entirely frozen over, only ‘small’ pockets of liquid water remain at the deepest depths where black smokers feed life with vital heat and nutrients. On the land masses only where volcanic activity was present was there life, the rest of the world’s atmosphere having snowed out long ago. It was in one of these pockets that sensors showed a collection of buildings and an underground facility. However there was active sensor jamming and transporter scramblers preventing any detailed scans and would make transportering down to the surface impossible to survive. A shuttle would be the only way to safely reach and search the buildings for clues.

With the Wabi Sabi safely hidden in the planet’s surprisingly strong magnetosphere the away team take a shuttle craft down to the surface, landing on the small, and empty sunken pad which sensors had identified as having several entrances into the base proper.

Almost the moment they enter the base they are fired upon by a rather large and somewhat angry Klingon. Fortunately his aim was wayward and the team were able to stun him quickly and more importantly before he could report their presence. Moving deeper into the base they encounter more opposing forces, strangely the resistance is a collection of warrior races such as Klingons, Kazon and Romulans. The implication of these three races working together, given their xenophobic natures and the out and out hostility between Klingons and Romulans is somewhat concerning.

While searching the base they come across a lab with a number of tall liquid glass tubes, bio beds and computer stations. Much of the research was encrypted well beyond their abilities to break in the field but they downloaded it and sent it to the ship to be decoded. Examining the tubes they make a shocking discovery, the two tubes contain the bodies of Captain Pax, and Admiral Hood. The two senior sector officers! The Doctor made some scans and did some tests and discovered that they were empty shells, bodies on life support but with no higher brain functions and no indications that they and any memories. Before they could download anything or dig deeper they were accosted by a pair of Romulans, it was quickly apparent that they were stalling and as soon as they could they took the lift platform up to the surface and stole their shuttlecraft! Very rude of them, but before the Wabi Sabi could move to intercept they had gone to warp and disappeared into a nearby nebula.

With the base now theirs the away team works to download the entire database and gather all the evidence they can do. It is decided that the ‘clones’ shouldn’t be allowed to continue, to say they were alive is a misnomer, they were merely flesh at this stage and no reason to take them for study. The Doctor had taken all the samplies he could and was already going through the medical and research records. There was something familiar about the way the clones had been created, though he couldn’t put a finger on why!

Between them they quickly bring the disruption fields down and with a final check of the base they beam back aboard the Wabi Sabi. To stop it being used in the future Pax orders the base and surface structures destroyed.

They had a bunch of data, files and research to go through, but there was already clues and indications they could act upon, Admiral Hood and SFI had been copied in and sent all the data also.