Chapter 1 - Could It Be?

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K’Naut was halfway out of the EVA suit before the inner door of airlock had opened. He stepped through the doorway and headed for the changing room.

In moments, he was back in uniform with his vest and belt in place. He transferred his tools from the pockets on the suit to those of his vest. As he moved each of the tricorders, he uploaded its readings to his PADD. He lashed his tail back and forth. He hadn’t had time to adjust his suit properly, and that meant he had a stitch in his tail.

As he made his to the conference room, he looked over the readings. He grumbled to himself. The scans reminded him of something, but he couldn’t quite remember what it was. He worked it over in his mind, and by the time he arrived for the briefing, he knew what it was. But he couldn’t see how his memory could be connected to the device outside. Maybe his fellow crew members would have some ideas.