Chapter 3 - Jewels and Joining

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I see you where the Sern’apa symbol on your ear jewelry, but the jewel itself I don’t recognize” she smiled, trying to be her not so normal smart ass self.

He turned and looked at her. “Melanick, they where right. You have been keeping up with the old ways. That’s why you are here.” He paced the room in front of her. She noticed a set of scratches on his left cheek.
“I may have been keeping up, but you can call me Caressa.” She wiggled in her seat. Not noticing that his demeaner changed. He became red-faced and angry. “No one will call you by your given name in front of me. That is reserved for me and me alone. Do you understand?”
That took her by surprise. “Are you claiming ownership over me? That doesn’t work for me sorry. Old ways or not. Looks like you and I have maybe already had a run in. I don’t go willingly.”
He touched the healing wounds on his face, and smirked. “You put up quite a fight, put two of my men in the medical facility. You will act in a more sedate manner going forward.” He picked up a controller from a counter in the corner of the room. Clicked a button a screen dropped from the cave ceiling. The picture came into focus. It was of fields and flowers, her Uncle Mikos and the children on holiday. She was sure that the fear that turned into anger showed on her face. He smiled as if he had one up on her.
She smiled, trying not to play the game. “You may have my compliance, but you have bitten off way more than what you should. If you truly did your homework.”
Caressa new it was mind games but still hard seeing her children and Uncle on a view screen, they seemed oblivious to being watched. She new better, and had to hold on to that. She new that the merc would come to her rescue. She just had to make sure that she stayed put.

“You did not answer my question. What is the jewel?” His rage was calming and this point.
” The jewel is one of rarity, purity. It is a symbol of my order. Your new earring also has one.” He smiled looking at her to the point of giving her the creeps.
She lifted her hand and put her head down enough to touch her earring. It was new.
Why did you give me, such a gift? She was afraid to hear the answer.

He stepped over to her and felt her pagh. She struggled to pull away, but she was unable.
“Your pagh is strong and once ours are joined, no one will stop us”

She smirked. “Join, pagh’s cannot be joined. Why would I do that?”
He turned to her pointing to the view screen. “You have no other choice”
She cringed but fought back the anger, rage and fear. “Impossible I dont even know your name.” The smart ass was back.

He paced the floor, “Well, I guess its time. Seeing that we will be joined very soon. I am Sinal Barkoc.”

With that he left the room