Chapter 2 - Let Calmer Heads Prevail

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Edra entered the Ready Room once everything on the Merc had returned to normal operations. When the doors opened she stepped in and waited for them to close before beginning.  “How are you doing?”  She hoped him being here in the Ready Room was less stressful than on the Bridge.


Henry looked up from the PADD in front of him.  “I’m feeling like I was out for a month with all this to catch up on but I’m actually feeling better than I did before the accident.  They must have fixed more than I knew.”


“Well, Caressa definitely knows what she’s doing,” she answered with a grin.  The expression didn’t last long as she returned to something more somber.  “I…want to apologize for my behavior on the Bridge.”  She hitched her thumb over her shoulder and half looked toward the door, before turning back.  “Even if there’s a perfectly good explanation, I still feel awful for how I acted.”


“I don’t think you or anyone on this ship has anything to apologize for. It’s clear that something happened outside everyone’s control.  Caressa’s had her people looking into this for the last day and she’ll be presenting her findings at the briefing.  I hope they found something that makes some kind of sense.”


She nodded.  Her head knew it made complete sense, but she still felt like a heel.  She figured she couldn’t dwell on it though.  “Were you affected?  You seemed normal.”


“Not a bit, which makes this all the more strange.  I’ve had them running diagnostics on everything from replicators to the ventilation systems.  Nothing seems out of place.”


“I’d say we need to analyze radiation levels, if science hasn’t started that yet.  Is Caressa compiling a list of others who had no obvious reaction?  Maybe there’s a commonality we can find.”


“I believe that is part of what they’re looking into with Medical and Science.  I know each Department Chief took a quick roll call of their people and reported the names of anyone who admitted they felt off or acted uncharacteristically.”


She smirked.  “I guess you have it all taken care of then.”  She half-sat on the far edge of his desk, still facing him.  “I still want you to take it easy for today.  You took a pretty hard hit back on Firste.”


“Between you and our CMO I think if I push my luck you’ll both put in my place.  But I get the concern.  Speaking of Firste I’ve been making some inquiries but it seems the Federation is walking away from that whole situation.  The global EMP they released knocked their technology back so bad that they lost warp capability.”


She shook her head. “I’m entirely disappointed in how our organization handled that entire situation”


“Well, lessons learned I suppose.”  He stood.  “Speaking of which let’s get to that briefing and find out what the hell actually happened.”


She nodded, leading the way out of the Ready Room.