Character Profile - Shea Lynn Voran

Shea Lynn Voran
Mazaran Female

Place of Origin:

Physical Description

HEIGHT: 5′ 9″
WEIGHT: 150 lbs.
HAIR: Black with white bangs
EYES: Black
IDENTIFYING MARKS: Tattoo on right forearm reading ‘Sapper’ in gothic script, a second tattoo on left forearm depicting a burning skull.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Average, physically fit, with a haunted look in her dark eyes from a troubled, distant past.

Personality Profile

She is a genre savvy, straight-forward, no-nonsense grunt and troubleshooter. She was raised knowing her limits, and she stretches those limits – not to mention the limits of morality – to their ends. She is the perfect soldier, willing to take no chances, and use overwhelming firepower to accomplish the mission. She was trained to operate in areas where authority is compromised, and she seems to be doing it constantly, not trusting anyone of high rank until they prove themselves. Having a family has calmed her down a bit; where she used to draw a weapon at the slightest infraction, she now more carefully analyzes the situation by considering the consequences of her actions before taking violent – and very brutal – action.

Early years Biography

Born to the ill-fated Voran Family, she was the peak of the ‘curse’ to strike them starting with the grandmother whose name she bears. She and her identical twin sister, Tess, joined Starfleet when they were finally allowed to leave the research station they called home for the first decade of their lives. She refuses to discuss what happened to her time there. Since growing up she had known her mother’s feelings towards the captain who was her father, another victim of the ‘curse’, and she grew up hating him for leaving her mother when she was pregnant.

While growing up she strove to prove they were better than their father and she elevated her sister above herself. She took the blame for things Tess did wrong and pointed her sister in the right direction every time. She was there to protect her twin, to the end, ultimately at the cost of her career. At the rank of Lieutenant, while stationed as a Security Officer aboard the USS Aurora, she resigned from Starfleet after an accident put the blame on Tess, and whether her fault or not, would have resulted in a court-martial. True to her promise to prove she and her twin were better than their father, she took the blame.

She became a mercenary, and at her mother’s urging, took a regular contract as a ‘wetwork’ specialist for Starfleet Intelligence, operating where they could not afford to send an agent. Because of her history of being raised in a Research facility, she was easily able to acquire what was needed to accomplish her missions. During one mission during the Dominion War, she found her father. Recalling how he had abandoned her, her sister, and their mother… she immediately tried to shoot him. She was prevented from doing so, however, and as her mission progressed, she grew to respect and even love him as he helped her to earn her forgiveness. Unfortunately, before they could actually spend time together, a shuttle he was piloting during the mission crashed. He was killed instantly.

Shortly after the Dominion War she reluctantly accepted one final mission aboard the USS Inveigle to assist with a conspiracy to steal technology the ship was carrying at the time. And after things went from bad to worse, she accepted help from the crew in accomplishing the mission. Having earned the respect of the ship’s Captain, at the end of the mission she accepted a post as Chief Operations Officer and re-reinstatement at the rank of Lieutenant. She was quickly promoted to Lieutenant Commander, but discovered soon after boarding the Inveigle she was pregnant. The father, she claims, is unknown. She had a son thereafter, whom she named Danial.

Her career on the ‘cursed ship’ was abrupt, and she pulled a Phaser on a Security Team whom she believed to be sabotaging the ship. She pleaded guilty to Conduct Unbecoming and was reduced to a Non-Com Rank of Petty Officer First Class and transferred to the Starfleet research base at Gallitep on Bajor to help raise her son. Shortly after the transfer, she learned her Aunt Tina and Cousin Michael were listed as Missing and Presumed Dead when their ship, the USS Armada, vanished without a trace during a Stellar Anomaly Survey of the Mazara Epsilon System. A Rescue Mission ended 6 months later in utter failure with heavy casualties and severe damage to the U.S.S. Frontier caused by one of the strange phenomena in the System.

Shea got quickly bored of Bajor and sent her son to live with her mother on Earth, accepting a transfer to the Diplomatic Corps’ Strategic Hazard Intervention Program and Hazard Team 18 which was doing cross-training on the planet Ayenna with the Kingdom of Hylia’s Naval Special Warfare Division at Fort Kakariko. Operations she conducted during this time are Classified by Starfleet Security. After the assignment was completed she was assigned to Hazard Team 4 on the USS Unicorn where her sister was the Executive Officer, and conducted several operations in support of Security-related matters to the Federation.

At the request of a personal friend, and the insistence of her mother, she accepted a temporary field assignment to the USS Stevenage as a Scout Team Commander for a Starfleet Intelligence mission to investigate the planet Olympus, regarding a potential alien threat to the Federation. The ship was destroyed, but Shea managed to protect the survivors and even rescue a number of Federation hostages until rescued by the USS Oblivion, earning her a Field Commission with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. The mission was Classified by Starfleet Intelligence, and upon their return she was promoted to Commander in Starfleet Security and placed on ‘semi-permanent loan’ to Starfleet Intelligence Office of Special Projects as a ‘Troubleshooter’.

Her role was to go to locations where the tactical situation is … less than desirable… and deal with it. It is these situations that are so bad that Starfleet Command no longer cares HOW she gets results, only that she DOES. Oftentimes a Marine Force Recon team is placed under her command as support, which led to her developing over the years the Commando Concept, commonly referred to in-house by Starfleet Special Operations Command (“SOCOM”) as ‘The Green Berets’.

For her last assignment with SOCOM, she was assigned to respond to a threat by a renegade Klingon house against the Federation Colony on the planet Amphitrite. With only two weeks to prepare the civilian militia, the Klingon commander was unable to fully secure the planet. By the time the Federation relief force arrived to drive them out, the Klingons had been worn down by encountering unmarked minefields, boobytrapped buildings, along with random rocket and mortar attacks on their positions. Patrols through the city were ground down by squad-level ambushes all over the city where a Marine leading a squad of Militia would open fire on the Klingons with a rocket launcher followed by bursts of automatic weapons fire, before vanishing into the buildings and surrounding jungle; the intent not being to kill them, but bleed them dry. When Federation Starships entered orbit the Klingon commander had no choice but to surrender to retain what little honor he had left.

Following this victory she spent time on Earth with her husband, taking a two-year leave-of-absence where she had a second son, D.J. Williams III. Following Maternity Leave, she got hand-picked for what she thought was a temporary assignment…


2362 – 2366: Cadet Midshipman – Starfleet Academy
2366 – 2369: Ensign, Security/Tactical Officer – Starship USS Seeker
2369 – 2370: Lieutenant J.G., Security/Tactical Officer – Starship USS Aurora
2370 – 2371: Lieutenant, Security/Tactical Officer – Starship USS Aurora
2371 – 2376: Civilian Contractor – Starfleet Intelligence
2376 – 2376: Lieutenant, Operations Officer – Starship USS Inveigle
2376 – 2377: Lieutenant Commander, Chief Operations Officer – Starship USS Inveigle
2377 – 2379: Master-At-Arms First Class – Gallitep Research Base, Bajor
2379 – 2383: Chief Master-At-Arms, HAZARD Team 18 – On Loan to Ayenna Project
2384 – 2385: Chief Master-At-Arms, HAZARD Team 4 – Starship USS Unicorn
2386 – Chief Master-At-Arms – Starship USS Stevenage
Late 2386: Lieutenant Commander, Mission Specialist – Starship USS Oblivion
2387 – 2396: Commander, Starfleet Security – Joint Special Operations Command
2396 – Present: Acting Chief Warrant Officer 4 – Starship USS Gwydion.