Character Profile - Miranda Voran-Williams

Miranda Voran-Williams
Mazaran Female

Place of Origin: Born on Starbase 506

Physical Description

Trim, the uniform hiding a physically fit muscular body wrapped in a soft cocoa skin, black hair cut short. Brow appears perpetually furrowed in thought.

Personality Profile

Born and bred in military service, from a family that is considered Royalty on her homeworld, joining Starfleet was a no-brainer. She has worked hard to be the best she could be in her chosen field, a professional, willing to do anything to live up to the perfect ideal of an Officer and a Gentleman. This means leading by example to always try to be the first off the Dropship and the last on the Evac Shuttle… but to her it also means not following the rules when it would get her subordinates killed…

Early years Biography

Born on Starbase 506 to two high-ranking Starfleet Officers and War Heroes, she is the grand-niece of the King of Mazara. Not being in line for the throne she is still expected to uphold the traditions of selfless service as an example to others. This was drummed into her from a young age and thus directed her toward placing herself in harm’s way to help.

Raised on the planet Ayenna while her parents were stationed there as part of a diplomatic mission providing security assistance to local forces, she was allowed to interact with the locals, forming childhood friends, unknowingly providing assistance to the Federation Diplomatic Corps in the process. Many times she watched her parents at work with the local Army, growing up in a military environment from an extremely young age. From local soldiers she learned the trade; what really went on when the Officers were not looking, what parts of the book worked, what didn’t work, and how to tell the difference in a pinch. She learned to respect firearms at the age of 8 when he first accompanied her Aunt Shea – a certified Scout-Sniper – to the weapons range, and on her 13th Birthday spent a weekend in the woods with her father observing a military exercise involving tens of thousands of troops, armored vehicles, VTOL Gunships, and other aircraft.

When her father was promoted to Starfleet Tactical and her mother offered a Starship Command, she went with her stepbrother to live with their maternal grandmother on Earth. The old Admiral took this opportunity to provide them letters of recommendation and advanced schooling to get them both into Starfleet Academy. The only hard part was selecting her chosen career field. After pondering Security (her Aunt Shea commanded HAZARD Teams) she finally settled on the role that would get her first into a fight to save lives – the Marines.

Boot Camp, The Basic Officer’s School, and Infantry Officer’s School at the Academy took 4 years.

Reconnaissance Marine Selection took a week of grueling physical and mental tests, followed by the Basic Reconnaissance Course and a wait of another year before being placed in the Pipeline. In the meantime, she served as a Desk Officer at the Headquarters of the 24th Marine Division on Starbase 506, handling administrative functions for the Commanding General, and gaining experience as a Leader.

Several other courses followed rapid-fire to finish her qualification as a Recon Marine which included the famed Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Course, Level C – the hardest and most painful of the three levels of SERE Training – which took a month. The Combat EVA Course and Orbital Drop School took an additional five Months to earn her wings. Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leaders Course and Pathfinder School took an additional two months.

Six years of training, testing, and waiting, the young Mir is ready to take to the field and do her part in helping people stay alive under the most adverse conditions.


Elementary Schooling, Starbase 506.
Advanced Schooling, San Francisco University High School.
Basic Officer School, Starfleet Academy.
Infantry Officer Course, Marine Corps Base Quantico.
Basic Reconnaissance Course, Camp Pendleton.
Headquarters, 24th Marine Division, Starbase 506.
SERE, Drop School, and Pathfinder School, Fort Moore.