Character Profile - Eshe Antan

Eshe Antan

Place of Origin: Cardassia Prime

Physical Description

Eshe was generally considered attractive by her fellow students at star fleet medical. Something that was some what frustrating to her, mostly because she is not what Cardassians would consider ‘classically attractive’ being noticeably shorter and more petite then Cardassian females generally are. Having a sharper scale partner then most and having the lighter ‘chalk’ skin tone of Cardassians, having a rather long and full head of hair that she normally keeps up in a bun while working and down while not.

Her clothing when off duty normally being a bit more conservative

Personality Profile

Eshe always seamed a bit high strung or flustered. Giving off a feeling of a hard working if not a bit high strung woman. Clearly being caring and concerned with patients and friends. But lacking some of the basic interactive skills that would should have at her stage in life.
Only seaming to be confident when working in a medical capacity.

This goes double for personal relationships.

Early years Biography

Eshe was born to a wealth and influential family on Cardassia prime. Her mother being from a poorer family but having become a doctor with the financial support of her husband. Eshe father Kehac was at the time of her birth and most of her childhood a judge working his way up through the judicial system of Cardassia.

Her childhood was comfortable but unhappy her father being emotionally and mentally abusive over the slightest slip ups and using threats of physical abuse with her as she got older.

At the outbreak of the Klingon Cardassian war her father took a political appointment in the industrial sector to support the war effort. Which lead into another assignment once the dominion war broke out.

With her mother busy with wounded, and her father away she was left more or less to her own devices taking care of her younger sister most of the two year conflict. Until the battle of Cardassia and the Dominion bombardment of Cardassia Prime.

One moment nothing was wrong and a moment later her home and most of the city she had lived in was reduced to rubble. Eshe’s mother had been killed in the bombardment at the local medical center. And her sister killed was killed when there house collapsed, Eshe herself was pined and partially crushed staying there for days. Her leg and hip shattered remembering. She remembered nothing until she woke up in a Federation medical facility. Feverish and in pain, being medically treated for a few weeks until member of the Cardassian government under the direction of her father came for her. Moving her to one of the few Cardassian medical facilities to have survived the bombardment.

She underwent a number of surgeries, her hips and right leg having had become infected while in the rubble. Leaving her with a painful inflammatory condition even after medical treatment. The entire time her father more or less absent from her life. And once she was discharged he had her unceremoniously shuffled off to a boarding school.

It was after or perhaps while she was under medical care that her interest in the medical field first started. She openly stated that it was her intention to become a doctor or surgeon, one of the few things that actually pleased her father to learn. But she kept to herself that her true interest was not to attend medical school on Cardassia.

By the time she had reached a age where she could truly pursue her interest her father had risen to be a Archon, one of the highest judicial offices in the Union, under only the Chief Archon. When she stated her intention to leave Cardassia for medical training her was angered, stating that it would reflect badly on his career and when pushed for more details, he learned her intention to Apply to Star Fleet Medical. Her flew into a rage and physical beat Eshe badly enough to require some medical attention. While being treated she snuck way and found a cheap freighter off the planet. Going first to Deep Space Nine and then to a near by outpost farther away from Cardassian space.

She first requested protection because she feared more abuse. The commander of the station first protesting because of possible political fallout with the Cardassian Union. But after a quick review from the stations medical officer, confirming that she had recently received a fractured eye socket and cheek bone, The commander agreed to let her stay until her application to star fleet was processed.

Once she arrived at Star Fleet Academy Eshe’s whole personality changed, no longer a quite and shy student. She because almost a force of nature, driven and determined to succeeds in her goals. This and her tendency to argue made her few real friends but did earn her respect from many of her instructors.

She graduated 5th in her class as a Medical Doctor before taking time to study in a Surgical fellowship and earn a degree on Exobiology with a focus on races with ether latent or developed telepathy, becoming a well respected neurologist and brain surgeon.

After that she was noted as being openly reluctant to actually take a assignment, finally being pushed into taking a post at a medical station near Betezed. She enjoyed the work, but often did not appraciate the betezed tendency to talk or ask about things they encounter in one’s mind.

A few years later she took a short post on a federation ship the USS Tian An Men. Before agreeing to take a position on the Cassiopeia.